May Wrap Up and News

Wednesday night was a solid turn out for our second meeting with about 27 attending. Not everything went according to plan with Tarn unfortunately out of action with a basketball injury, but we managed press ahead all the same. Once again thanks to Oakton and Sara for organising the venue, pizza and beer.

Thanks to Jake for his presentation on unit testing, MVVM and IoC goodness with Autofac. The source code from Jakes presentation is available on his blog for anyone interested in drilling down a little deeper.

Oz Open Space Conference
I'd also like to announce that there is an Australian/Alt.NET Open Space conference being organised and is now taking expressions of interest. So if you are interested then jump over to and add your name to the list.

May Meeting - TDD & Unit Testing

A discussion on Test Driven Development and Unit Testing.

The evening will be split into two parts. The first part will be a presentation from Tarn Barford. Tarn will provide a general overview of unit testing, IoC and mocking .

For the second part myself and Jake Ginnivan will run a more interactive session with a full sample application, putting into practice the various elements of test driven development and unit testing. The aim for this part is to get anyone who feels like getting involved to have a go at coding and everyone else to participate with ideas as we move through the demo. Perhaps we will take pair programming to a new extreme. Borg programming anyone?

So please RSVP by clicking in the voting panel to indicate if you will be coming along.

There are a few other reminders as well:

Firstly if you haven't done so already please take a moment to fill out the topics and ideas survey.

Secondly, as those who attended the first meeting are aware, the building is locked to general access after 6pm. Unfortunately we are not able to get an exemption to this. So if you are unable to make it prior to 6pm there will be a sign posted on the glass entrance doors with a mobile number to contact. Someone from Oakton with security access will then be able to come down to let you in.

Finally please be aware, if you haven't already noticed, that the meeting for June will be on Wednesday the 23rd rather than the 30th.

Look forward to seeing you all there.

ps. I would encourage all you Alt.Netters to head on over to Talking Shop Downunder to have a listen to Richard Banks interview with Paul Batum and Liam McLennan on their experiences at Alt.NET Seattle. It was genuinely interesting to hear what Paul and Liam had to say about their time there.

Topics & Ideas Survey

As promised, we now have a web survey up based on the topics discussion from the first meeting. The idea is to gauge both where people's interest and level of expertise lie. We can briefly discuss the results of the survey at the start of the next meeting.

Thanks to Andrew Browne for getting the survey set up.