September Meeting - Coding Archaeology

Boy how time flies. Believe it or not, the September meeting will be our six month milestone for Melbourne Alt.NET. And to celebrate, we'll be having pizza and beers. Dull? Surely not. Then how about a geeky coding archaeology evening? But first of all I would like to thank everyone who has been part of it and made it such a success to date. We still have a lot of ideas and some great events in the coming months to look forward to.

Based on some feedback and discussions from the previous meeting there seemed to be some interest in looking at NSubstitute for our deep dive into an open source project. This might also be a great opportunity to have a discussion around comparing mocking frameworks and unit testing more generally.

The way I see the evening working is that I will have the source for NSubstitute set up on my laptop to display up on the data projector. From there we'll have an open discussion around the code and look at various aspects that interest everyone. All questions should be asked without judgement and the whole idea is for everyone to hopefully learn something new. If at any stage during the evening someone else would like to volunteer to take the pilot's seat of Visual Studio, they will be welcome to.

Don't forget to RSVP in the voting panel. See you there.