June Meeting - Continuous Delivery

This month we are going to have a presentation from John Barton on Continuous Development and Delivery at Envato.

John is the Development Manager at Envato and was previously a .NET developer at companies such as MyCareer.com.au. He then moved on to the world of Ruby on Rails, and is now a team lead and sometimes coder. He also does the occasional bit of open source stuff over at https://github.com/joho and can be found on twitter as @johnbarton

John will talk about deploying continuously (multiple times a day) to a Ruby on Rails web app with a high traffic load  (>3 million dynamic requests a day). With this in mind John will discuss what it is about Envato, the tech team, and the ruby on rails ecosystem that lets them do continuous delivery with a minimum of hassle.

This should be a really interesting talk on what is currently generating a lot of discussion in the software development community and a topic which has also sparked the DevOps movement. So drag yourselves out on a cold Melbourne winters evening for some pizza and beers, but do go and RSVP first over on the poll to let us know if you'll be coming along.