28th Feb - Alt.Web

So having finally gotten organised for 2012 I'd like to announce our new meeting time and our first event for the year.

Meetings for this year will run on the last Tuesday of every month at the Thought Works offices. See to the about section for details.

And now on to the first event so far we have 4 volunteers willing to present on 5 different alternative web frameworks for .NET.

Adam - Nancy
Andrew - Fubu
Tarn - SignalR
Jim - OWIN & Kayak

If there is anyone else super keen to contribute we might have room for one or two more so please drop me a line.

Should make for an interesting night where you can walk away with a well rounded understanding of what is going on in the alt web space.

Melbourne 2012

Hey guys,

Just a quick not we won't be having a meeting this month I haven't had time to organise everything so we'll start again the last week of Feb.

I also need to change the night to either a Tuesday or a Thursday I think as Wednesdays don't work for me anymore, checkout the poll on the right hand side there to vote for your preferred day.

So for Februaries meeting I think we should finally tackle our Alt.WebFramework showdown so we'll have a bunch of people doing shortish, say 30 or so mins on each of the alt web frameworks out there. I've already spoken to some of you about putting your hand up to do some of these talks so please remind me who you were, and I'll be looking for volunteers to present on the others, first in best dressed!

So far on the list I'm considering:

Fubu MVC
OpenRasta (I think I'll do this one)
Manos de Mano
Mono Rail
Anything else?

I was wondering if anyone wanted to look into OWIN and Kayak too perhaps?

Contact me via email if you're interested in presenting.