April Meeting - Functional Programming (canceled)

Regretfully April's meeting is going to have to be canceled as I am unwell and unable to make it to open the room. :(

April Meeting - Functional Programming

April is Functional Programming Awareness Month. Don't believe me? Nor would I. However we're going to make it the theme for the April Alt.NET meeting. So the idea will be to stick to the topic of functional programming but make to the evening a mixture of Lightning Talks, general discussion or even working through a problem if there is time.

To start with we will have a bit of an introductory discussion on functional programming. Then we will move onto some talks by Tarn (@tarnacious), talking about Erlang, and Andrew (@adbrowne), talking about Scala.

So if think you have something to add to the evening (like being able to explain monads in 5 minutes) or are simply interested learning more about functional programming, come along for some learning, pizza and beers. And please don't forget to RSVP over there -->

March Meeting - Wrap up

Thanks once again to Jim for his presentation on NServiceBus and SOA.

Below is the final slide from the presentation with links to various resources.

NServiceBus Website (Documentation & Community Sections are great) –http://www.nservicebus.com/
Distributed Podcast - http://distributedpodcast.com/
NServiceBus Mailing List - http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/nservicebus/
Other Mailing Lists –

The source code used in the presentation (CrazyJimsSOA) can be found over on github