February Meeting - Alt.Net Beers

As I have already posted over on the ozaltdotnet group we currently don't have a room for our meetings. It's something I'm working on and hope to get a final answer on ASAP.

Until then we have decided to have a meetup in a pub over a few beers and something to eat. I've booked a table, which should accommodate about 20 I believe, at the Oxford Scholar Hotel on Swanston St. The aim is for anyone who has anything they would like to talk about or demonstrate on a laptop, to come along and present it to the group. A sort of informal Lightning Talks if you will. Otherwise, just come along and join in the discussion.

So far we have:
1. F#
2. Mercurial/TortoiseHg/Bitbucket

Hope to see you all there next week. Please RSVP over on the right.


Location: Oxford Scholar Hotel (427 Swanston Street, Melbourne) - Opposite RMIT
Date: Wednesday 23rd of Feb.
Time: 6pm - (pub says it's open 'til late)

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