July Meeting - IoC

This month we are going to have a presentation from Nick Josevski with a summary of the Readify IoC Dev Day he attended back in June that was presented by Nicholas Blumhardt around Australia.

Nick is a senior software developer at a large marketing and advertising company, having previously worked as a consultant at Oakton on a variety of projects in varying business domains. Nick is on twitter as @NickJosevski and blogs at http://blog.nick.josevski.com

Nick’s presentation will focus around the use of Autofac and will try to cover some of the more advanced features the IoC container provides, such as lifetime management, modules with encapsulated configuration and AutoMockingContainer with NSubstitute. Depending on time and audience, could lead to a deep dive session investigating the Autofac source and/or AutofacContrib source.

Please RSVP using the poll on the right so we can organise pizza and beer.

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