Great Start to Alt.NET Melbourne

First of all a big thanks once again to Oakton for hosting the evening and providing such a great venue as well as the pizza and beer.

The turnout was really great with about 30 people attending. And the feedback so far has been fantastically positive. There was plenty of input from people and some great ideas.

Nick Josevski even managed to post up a great review of the night on his blog even before I had managed to get home. Very keen Nick!

The general theme running through all the discussions relating to the proposed topics, was that people really wanted to get as hands on as much as possible. So whether that be through Coding Dojo evenings, Hands-On-Lab style sessions and even one great suggestion of Coding Archaeology evenings, where as a group we pick an open source project and deep dive into the code just to see how it works. So I think where possible we will try to get a practical focus to as many of the meetups as possible.

The evening was also fairly productive in terms of coming to some agreement of what we will be doing over the next few months:

May : TDD
June: Domain Specific Languages
July: Coding Dojo

More details of these sessions will follow closer to the dates. There will also be a poll set up shortly which will allow people to vote on a list of other topics and ideas which were discussed during the evening to help us prioritise what to run with over the coming months.

To keep up to date with the latest announcements follow #altnetmelb or me @abienert on Twitter, or just simply subscribe to this blog.

Thanks everyone for coming along and contributing your ideas, and I look forward to seeing you all there again in May.

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