August Meeting - Lightning Talks Wrap Up

It seems that Melbourne Alt.Net is travelling along very nicely. It has a great community spirit and a bunch of really passionate people with great ideas. And Wednesday's Lightning Talks session was no exception. Added to that is the great support we get from Oakton which is enabling us to evolve into a fantastic monthly event.

We had six presentations of 10 minutes (ok, maybe more like 15 - 20 minutes) each.  Where relevant I have included links to content and information related to each presentation.

1. Mark Trinder (@mtrinder) - MonoTouch

2. Andrew Browne (@adbrowne) - CouchDB replication and conflict detection.

3. Jimmy P. (@pjimmy) - My experiences as an agent of change.

4. Simon Le Serve - Complexity and Refactoring

5. Tarn Barford (@tarnacious) - Composing events with RxJs

6. David Burela (@DavidBurela) - Windows Phone 7 UI

A big thanks to all those who contributed to the talks. And for anyone who thought they might have liked to have presented something and weren't quite sure or just weren't ready with something, then we'll do another one in the near future no doubt.

Thanks also to David for filming the talks.
(link to Lightning Talk videos to follow when available)

Our next meeting will be our first six months of running the event believe it or not. Not quite birthday celebrations, but something to look forward to all the same.

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