August Meeting - Lightning Talks

The August 18th meeting will be our first lightning talks evening. The responses to do presentations has been great and looks to be an interesting mix of topics. So far we have:

1. Mark Trinder (@mtrinder) - MonoTouch
2. Andrew Browne (@adbrowne) - CouchDB replication and conflict detection.
3. Jimmy P. (@pjimmy) - My experiences as an agent of change.
4. David Burela (@DavidBurela) - A real world MEF application
5. Simon Le Serve - Complexity and Refactoring
6. Tarn Barford (@tarnacious) - Composing events with RxJs

Each presentation will run for 10 minutes and we'll leave time for questions as well as beer and pizza of course.

We probably have time for one more talk so if anyone else would like to present then just let me know at twitter @abienert or leave a comment here. We have a full agenda now. If you would have liked to present then I'm sure this won't be the last lightning talks evening.

Look forward to seeing you there and please don't forget to RSVP on the polling panel.

1 comment:

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