September Meeting

UPDATE: Now with extra opinion fodder! Dave Burela has agreed to my request to do a lighting talk on the new Windows 8 developments which I'm sure will spark some good conversation!

This month is our first meeting at ThoughtWorks offices on the corner of Collins and Elizabeth St in the city, we will be starting at 6pm and I think the doors downstairs will be locked after that time so you will have to give either I or Maha (Our new ThoughtWorks host) a call, the numbers will be posted on the door.

For the evening proceedings we have Simon Segal talking about task based UI's:

The user interface can sometimes be an afterthought for many developers and building applications
that fit the business needs should require that our user experience is crafted in a way that explicitly solves
business problems. Task based interfaces give us a great opportunity to address the commands in your domain
and with architectural patterns such as CQS, MVC and event sourcing we can explore the rich opportunities that exist in capturing crucial business context that can often be left behind. We will look at when it pays to think explicitly
and when it’s important to leave the CRUD based user interface behind regardless of whether it will technically work.

I would also like to do a little bit of a retrospective on the group. So please come along prepared to contribute! What have we done so far? What did we like? What didn't we like. Where do we want to take it in the future? And how can we achieve that.

And of course I'm sure we will adjourn to some fine upstanding establishment for some further refreshment and civilized debate afterwards.

Please RSVP on the poll to the right so Maha can get the Pizza and Drinks order right.

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