Meeting Wednesday October 26th

Ya didn't think I'd forgot did ya?

Well I didn't, this month we have Birger Halfmeier to give us a talk about the new generation of mini ORMs on the rise.

Birgers talk will be "an investigation into how MicroORMs can save you time, prevent errors and make things simpler than completely hand coding your DAL. [He] will look at some of the common annoyances of ADO.NET and how MicroORMs have tried to solve them."

There may be a second more in depth talk on the same topic as well but I'm still trying to finalise that.

As usual beers and pizza c/o our mates at ThoughtWorks.


  1. Looks very appealing!

    Is there anything required apart from clicking "Yes > Vote"?

  2. @dgoyani
    No other requirements, just show up, if the building front doors won't let you in, there'll be a note with a contact phone number on the glass doors.