March 27th - Behaviour Driven Development with SpecFlow

This month we have Philip Beadle presenting for us via Skype. Here's Phil's own abstract:

You're all TDD exponents by now and really good at Red-Green-Refactor. But somewhere along the way we still manage to write code that doesn't quite do what the customer wanted. So let's take the TDD idea and step it up one level so that we write code that satisfies a User Acceptance Test rather than a Unit Test. This also known as Behaviour Driven Development - BDD. This session will show you how at DotNetNuke we use SpecFlow and Watin to implement UATDD (BDD) so that we have executable specifications!!

The session will show how we built and abstraction layer for Watin and a reusable library of steps for SpecFlow and how we use these tests with Team City to increase the quality of DotNetNuke continuously.

6pm Star, Beer & Pizza Provided. Please RSVP on the right. See you there.

PS Currently looking for volunteers to present next month, so let me know if you have something cool, know someone cool or if there is anyone else you'd like to hear from let me know & I can contact them.

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